ABC's V Raises The Stakes: Who Will Die Next?

ABC’s V (Tuesdays at 9/8c) last week raised the stakes and drew clear lines in the sand, as the death of Tyler’s dad and several Fifth Column members led Erica to accept Eli Cohen’s challenge and take a much more aggressive stance against the Visitors. When Ryan emerges from the literal rubble of that explosive incident, will he attempt to rejoin the Fifth Column ranks he betrayed? Or will he ally himself with his queen, Anna, assuring his ill daughter of unlimited Bliss?

Morris Chestnut, whom you may have thought died a traitor’s death, previews his V’s difficult road ahead. Plus: Get his take on the action-packed season finale that will say goodbye to multiple cast members.

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TVLINE | What goes through your mind as you read a script where Ryan is beaten, bloodied and tied to a chair in a building that blows up?
You mean after I leave the unemployment office or before I go? [Laughs] It’s a scary thing, man — I was like, “Wow, I guess my character is going out like this!” — but I think it was good for the story, because you never know who’s going to live, who’s going to die. Those sorts of unexpected situations keep viewers on their toes.

TVLINE | And this week, what, Ryan simply rises from the ashes?
Well, the thing about being a V is you can take off the skin and put it on any lizard. So I don’t know if I’m going to rise from the ashes or what. I’m going to tune in Tuesday to see exactly! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will his next move be to try and make amends with the Fifth Column, or ingratiate himself with Anna and work from inside?
I’m thinking he’ll definitely have to try to work both sides, because right now he has no one. He did some deeds for Anna, for his baby, and in doing so he betrayed the Fifth Column. He has to do something to get back in their good graces.

TVLINE | It could be that even though he’s now the weakest link in the Fifth Column, he’s in fact the greatest threat against Anna.
Yes, he’s a weak link because Anna has leverage [against him], but he also has leverage over her, in terms of being able to gather information. So as long as I’m in Anna’s good graces and I can run around that ship, I can be of use to the Fifth Column. If they use him correctly, he could be a great threat.

TVLINE | I was wondering if he and his daughter will forever be at Anna’s mercy, or might there ultimately be a “loophole,” some alternate remedy.
Well, considering what happened in the last episode, where Eli ended up dying because of what I did, I think Anna will consider that a pretty good deed.

TVLINE | Oh, so maybe she’ll give his daughter a “perma-blast” of Bliss…?
[Laughs] She’ll never do that, because Anna is a very savvy lizard-woman. She’ll always keep her options open. But what Ryan just did gained him  trust in her eyes.

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TVLINE | Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum told TV Guide Magazine that the Season 2 finale (tentatively set to air March 15) may kill off as many as three characters. I have to think that if Ryan survived this scare, there’s no way he’s in danger next time around.
I would like to think that, but you never know. The thing with V is no one is safe. It’s a great, action-packed season finale with a lot of cliff-hangers going on. I know a lot of people liked the last episode because there was a lot going on, there was a lot at stake, there was action and death. In the season finale, we ramp that up even more, and there are probably about three more deaths. It’s on and poppin’. It’s on and poppin’!

V-iewers, do you agree that the show hit an exciting new stride last week?