Zachary Levi: Chuck's Masked Ball Is 'Very Eyes Wide Shut' – Minus the Orgy (For Now)

This Monday on Chuck (NBC, 8/7c), Team Bartowski infiltrates a fancy masquerade party in the name of tying up what could be a loose thread from their take-down of Alexei Volkoff.

“We’re on a mission to seek out someone of importance that we are clued onto by Volkoff’s vast network of… well, things that are networked,” series star Zachary Levi told TVLine during our visit to the location shoot. “This is a very high-priority person we need to find, and in order to do that we go to this incredible manor where a masquerade ball is being thrown.”

Populated by pretty people milling around behind ornate masks, and some of them safeguarding secrets, “It’s very Eyes Wide Shut — but not the orgy part,” Levi stresses. He adds with a wink, “That’s in the next episode.”

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As previously previewed by TVLine, the “person of interest” is named Vivian McArthur, and she’s played by Supernatural alumna Lauren Cohan (pictured above). Though Levi was at liberty to reveal “absolutely nothing” about whom Vivian will turn out to be, he did say, “I like the character, and I quite like Lauren as a person as well. I find her to be quite delightful.”

With a nod to the actress seated at his left, Levi smiled, “And even if she weren’t right next to me, I’d say the same thing.”

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The same Chuck episode also introduces Robin Givens as Jane Bentley, a covert ops big wig who finds “bartender” Casey at the masked gala and makes him an offer he will find very hard to refuse.

Again evoking Eyes Wide Shut, Levi says of the episode, “It’s nice to get all dressed up, wear a mask and feel like Tom Cruise… but five feet taller.”

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Will you be attending Chuck‘s masquerade party this Monday night?

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