Scoop: How I Met Your Mother to Drop Another Wedding Clue!

How I Met Your Mother fans, it’s time to break out your secret decoder rings: A hint regarding the show’s season-long wedding riddle will be dropped in Monday’s episode.

“We see a glimpse of the future in a really fun way,” reveals exec producer Carter Bays, “and the wedding is referred to in it.”

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), the main plot of the episode centers on Robin’s continuing efforts to make lightning strike between her ex Barney and the new gal in his life, Nora. “There’s a touching storyline about Robin helping Barney realize that he has to call [Nora] for a second date,” Bays explains. “As a friend, Robin is rooting for Barney.”

Well, it’s one thing to root for the guy. It’s quite another to play the role of matchmaker. “I think part of it is that Robin wants to [witness] Barney’s redemption” Bays explains. “It’s been a long time coming and we’ve seen glimpses of him as a good guy and she wants to push him in that direction.

“And maybe she also wants to get him off her plate,” he continues. “Get him settled so she’s not going to be hung up on him. There’s a lot going on under the surface.”

What do you think of the new girl in Barney’s life? Do you see long-term potential? Or just a minor distraction until he wises up and reunites with Robin?

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