Chuck's Mystery Woman: Do We Spy Trouble?

This Monday on Chuck (NBC, 8/7c), a mysterious woman enters Team Bartowski’s orbit by way of a masquerade party. But it could be a bit until this Brit beauty’s true identity is unmasked –- and when it is, the reveal may be a doozy.

Lauren Cohan, familiar to fans of genre TV from her runs on Supernatural and very recently The Vampire Diaries, shared with TVLine a look at how her character, Vivian McArthur, catches the eye of our favorite spy guy.

TVLINE | Under what circumstances do we first meet Vivian?
Basically Chuck and Sarah come to find her [at a masked gala at a British manor] because they suspect her of being linked with Volkoff’s corporation. But then they find out that she’s actually in need of their protection. All of this is news to her, and we begin a journey to find out her… hmm, I don’t like the word “purpose”….

TVLINE | “Agenda”?
Agenda! That’s perfect.

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TVLINE | How would you describe Vivian?
She’s kind of a well-educated, bumbling recluse.

TVLINE | Is she welcoming to Chuck and Sarah when they first approach her?
She’s very suspicious of them and what they want out of her. But then she joins forces with them.

TVLINE | Are there any hints dropped that she is harboring a secret?
We don’t know her exact connection to the Volkoff empire, and she… well, I’m afraid to say more.

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TVLINE | If Chuck gets picked up for a fifth season, would Vivian be sticking around?
I don’t know. I know I’m on for about five episodes — I’m off for a couple right now, and then I come back. I’ve heard rumors of some really cool revelations, but the only thing is that some of them discount things that have already been revealed on Chuck. But again, they’re not concrete rumors.

TVLINE | There’s been speculation that she is Volkoff’s daughter and/or somehow related to Chuck, or she’s a spoiler for the Chuck/Sarah romance – no theories that are popular with fans. Did your time as Supernatural‘s Bela teach you to have a tough skin about such things?
Supernatural did, yeah, but Vampire Diaries was probably the biggest lesson because in the end, when I had my final couple of episodes…

TVLINE | … Rose got a piece of Damon.
Yeah, and the fans get very protective of Damon!

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TVLINE | Was it a tease to bed Damon only to then have things go terribly South?
I thought it was interesting that they did that. I think that maybe Damon’s not really supposed to be in a engaged relationship, yet Rose kind of woke something in him. I don’t think it was love but a new side of humanity, and that paves the way for a new kind of storyline for him, which is exciting. I really loved that scene at the end of [my final episode] where Damon stops on the highway and has this complete mental breakdown.

TVLINE | Was Vampire Diaries your first death scene as an actress?
Yeah. On Supernatural they alluded that I was killed by hellhounds, but you don’t actually see it. It’s interesting, because [on Vampire Diaries] I was bitten by a wolf. I should stay away from creatures on four legs! [Laughs]

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Chuck fans, who do you think Vivian will turn out to be?