Glee Exclusive: Kathy Griffin, Loretta Devine to Play [Spoiler Alert]!

Let’s go ahead and start calling the judges for Glee’s upcoming Regionals “The Supremes,” shall we, because this one-two punch of casting scoop definitely qualifies them for the title: Not only Kathy Griffin but Grey’s Anatomy‘s Loretta Devine have been named to the panel!

Although a casting breakdown that’s being passed around like a love note in third period suggests that Griffin will be playing a Sarah Palin type, my source tells me that Tammy Jean, the D-Listed liberal’s home-schooling Tea Party candidate character, isn’t really anything like the controversial former Alaskan governor. (Besides, what would be the point of trying to out-Palin Tina Fey?)

Devine, meanwhile, will tackle a sister act — as in Sister Mary Constance. Though the character wears a halo and a habit now, she is said to have worn a lot less in her former profession, at least by the end of a shift: She used to be a stripper!

So what do you think? Sound like fun, or big fun? Weigh in below.