Cougar Town Exclusive: Scrubs Crossover Alert!

You already know that Cougar Town‘s tipsy Cul-de-sac crew will be heading to Hawaii during May sweeps. But what you don’t know is who they’ll run into shortly after getting lei’d: Ted from Scrubs!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that actor Sam Lloyd is nearing a deal to reprise his role as Sacred Heart’s long-suffering and dim-witted attorney Ted Buckland in C-Town‘s Aloha State-set season finale.

It’s not clear how Ted figures into the storyline, which revolves around Jules and Co. flying to Hawaii to help Travis through some kind of crisis.

Executive producer Bill Lawrence has not been shy about blending the universes of his former and current shows (see also: Christa Miller, Ken Jenkins, Scott Foley, etc). But this would mark the first time an actual character from Scrubs enters C-Town‘s orbit.

Thoughts? Psyched to see Scrubs live on via Cougar Town? And which Sacred Heart vet should make the leap next? Hit the comments!