Will Vampire Diaries' Jenna Ever Discover Mystic Falls' Deep, Dark Secrets?

Watching the oh-so-clueless Jenna on The Vampire Diaries week-to-week can get pret-ty frustrating. Luckily, Aunt J’s portrayer, Sara Canning, tells TVLine that the secrets surrounding Mystic Falls — and Alaric! — may be revealed to her sooner than you think.

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“I can’t say whether or not she’ll find out that there are vampires running around town, but the seed has definitely been planted,” Canning offers, referring to evil Uncle John (David Anders) insinuating that things aren’t quite what they seem — namely, her relationship with Ric (Matt Davis). “Now she’s wondering if she’s been too trusting.”

“The thing with Alaric has been a refreshing escape,” Canning continues, “and to have any uncertainty about if he’s been lying to her is a slap in the face, because she thought she’s moved beyond that. We’re going to see that unravel a little over the next couple of episodes.”

“Trust is a major thing in every relationship,” says the actress, “and if we hit that wall, it’s going to be difficult to get past.”

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Canning, though, assures fans that Jenna’s growing curiosity will not go unexplored: “She’s pretty vocal, so I don’t know how long she’s going to sit on that uncertainty before she tries to find out exactly what’s going on. John’s little conversation with Jenna has started a major happening, and in the next few [episodes] we will see her navigating this thing and making discoveries.” Which means that fans can look forward to a lot more of Elena and Jeremy’s doting aunt in episodes to come.

“I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen with Jenna by the end of the season,” Canning shares with a laugh. “I can relate to her in-the-dark thing because as an actor, I don’t know what going to happen. It’s always a nice little surprise.”

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What do you think about Jenna seeing the Mystic Falls light? Is it about time, or should she stay in the dark?

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