Survivor: Redemption Island: Who Are Your Early Picks for the Final Three?

Last night’s season premiere of Survivor: Redemption Island featured what Jeff Probst referred to as one of the “most amazing Tribal Councils” in show history. Somehow, Kristina found herself a hidden immunity idol without a single clue to help her cause. Somehow, Boston Rob grew to suspect his tribemate had found said jade trinket in the woods. And somehow, Phillip — who suffers from dry mouth and is a FORMER SPECIAL AGENT, in case there’s anyone out there with whom he hasn’t shared this information — decided to flip on his alliance of Kristina and Francesca/Franczsqua, and ended up freaking out everybody on the Ometepe tribe. Also, the “old, annoying guy in the droopy fuscia briefs” used the term “hyper state of arousal.” Oh no! Oh, yes, actually. The Redemption Island Limited  has only made one stop, and we’re already deep deep deep into Crazyland. Good times!

Anyhow, since I’m going to be recapping the Survivor action for the remainder of the season, I thought it might be fun to start by checking in and finding out which three contestants your gut tells you are most likely to make the final three. Oh, I know it’s early, and our knowledge of some of these people’s names is limited to “impressive man sweater” or “needs to put on some damn pants,” but why not be bold and put our predictions down on paper the Internet right this very minute? I’ll go first…

Steve: Gray-haired dude displayed a solid wall of muscle where he sagging skin and spare tire are supposed to be. (I kid, I kid…but no way am I gonna have that abdomen by the time I get to be 51.) Was smart enough to keep it friendly with wily Russell right off the bat, and while he’s built like an alpha male, he seemed more than happy to take a supporting role in building the Zapatera shelter.

Andrea: One of the younger women of the Ometepe tribe, she exhibited the patience of a saint when annoying Phillip tried to “teach” her how to dig a hole with a shovel. Her background growing up on a farm and knowledge of how to use an axe might come in handy in challenges and camp life.

David: Defense attorney playing for Zapatera readily noted Russell is the kind of player who “wants the blood on his hands,” and has already strategized with Iraq vet Mike about the threat posed by the two-time Survivor veteran. If there’s a power move ahead in the weeks to come, David’s as likely as anyone to be behind it.

Who do you think will make it all the way to the finals? Do Boston Rob or Russell have a chance, or will they arouse too much suspicion among their tribemates to last till the end? Hit the comments and share your picks, and for all my reality TV coverage, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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