Bones Preview: Confession Time Is Coming

Coming up on Fox’s Bones, a somewhat chilly Valentine’s Day stands to be offset by a blizzard that, ironically, could warm things up between Booth and Brennan.

First up, this Thursday at 9/8c, is an episode “that kind of gets them over the hump of Hannah,” who just last week informed her bling-bearing beau that she’s not the marrying type.

“It’s about two people, both of whom have no romance in their lives, turning their backs on Valentine’s Day 100-percent,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TVLine, “while everybody else around them is making plans and going off to have great evenings.”

As such, Booth and Brennan “are left alone, which of course is weighted in its own way,” Nathan says. And based on this photo, part of that alone time would appear to involve a shooting range — with not-too-small guns:

Then, following a two-week break and one sniper-centric episode, the partners in crimesolving experience a different kind of private time on March 17, when in the midst of a city-crippling blizzard, they find themselves sequestered inside a rickety elevator cab.

Sweets, chiming in now and again from beyond the stalled elevator’s doors, “is kind of the only person with them, and of course he’s always goading them into talking about their relationship. So there’s a lot of fun with that episode,” Nathan teases. “There are some moments where Brennan and Booth look at each other… and make some admissions.”

Bones fans, with the Hannah arc now (largely) over, are you looking forward to these upcoming developments between Booth and Brennan? And exactly what sort of “admissions” do you suspect will be made, and by whom, on March 17?

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