Justified's Illicit Romance Comes Under Fire

Justified‘s sharp-shooting U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant) seldom needs a second shot to get the job done, yet that’s precisely what he’s now in the midst of — a second shot at romance — with his (ahem) married ex-wife Winona Hawkins. But will this reunion stick?

“So far, so good!” is how Natalie Zea sizes up the exes’ illicit romance. Still, she knows that the couple will have a tough row to hoe as they contend with Winona’s combative hubby (William Ragsdale), the raised eyebrows of those in the know (wait ’til you see Mullen’s reaction!), and the issues that split up her and Raylan in the first place, years ago.

“I think it’s the combination [of the two strong-willed personalities] that’s going to be the biggest hurdle,” says Zea. “A lot of the same demons will get dredged up eventually, as we realize that there was a reason this didn’t work in the first place.”

What is working is Justified‘s palpably Southern feel and style of storytelling, a vibe all too absent from network TV.

Assaying how the FX series has struck a chord with its fans, Zea says, “There are a lot of people out there who can identify with it. Not so much the murder and such… but there’s something very familiar and attainable with these people and the setting.

“So many shows take place on one or the other coast, and we never get to take a look at the people in between,” the actress adds. “So that definitely helps.”

Justified fans, what about the show has you transfixed and tuning in every Wednesday at 10/9c? And when it comes to Raylan’s love life, are you Team Winona or Team Ava?

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