The Good Wife: What Surprised You Most?

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of CBS’ The Good Wife. If you have not yet watched, check back once you have.

So, there you have it. In a Good Wife episode ostensibly about some Social Network-like movie, what we ultimately were left with were two interesting Relationship Status developments.

“I hate missed connections,” Alicia (finally, finally) told Will, egged on by her brother — as well as her own realization that she is in love with her boss — to seek out the truth about the “gobbled” second voice message. “What did you say?”

Will was thus confronted with a scenario he likely never anticipated. After all, he was left to conclude that Alicia blew off his passionate Season 1-ending plea to be together. As such, he thought for a moment before answering-slash-lying, “I said I think you made the right decision, [to be] with Peter.”

“OK…. Good,” Alicia responded, visibly deflated by his non-declaration.

Question: Why do you think Will passed on this plum opportunity — presented on a silver platter and wearing a pretty but “not-too-slutty” outfit — to reassert his feelings? (P.S. I told ya he’d have an unexpected comeback!)

Also in this episode, Kalinda’s relationship status was revealed to be quite Complicated, as Blake revealed to (warned?) his peer that he had contacted her husband. Alas, we were only made privy to a millisecond’s worth of Kalinda’s reaction to that bared truth. And frankly, coming on the heels of her delicious dinner/bit of footsie with FBI agent Lana… followed by the initial thrusts of her “expose everything” encounter with Blake… a viewer should be forgiven for being left as breathless as Mr. Calamar.

Bonus! Here’s a deleted scene from this week’s episode, involving Peter, Glenn Childs, Wendy Scott-Carr and Eli Gold:

What was your favorite part of this week’s very good Good Wife?