NCIS Exclusive First Look: Trouble for 'Tiva'?

Fans of CBS’ NCIS (Tuesdays at 8/7c) and its perennially teased Tony/Ziva coupling may want to look away, because TVLine has an exclusive first look at the latest wrench in the works. And this wrench happens to blonde and beautiful.

Exclusive: NCIS Readies Tony-centric Origin Episode

As we previously reported, Brothers & Sisters alum Sarah Jane Morris is joining TV’s most watched scripted program in the recurring role of E.J. Barrett, a Special Agent who, interestingly, took a job that years ago was offered to Tony by Director Jenny Shepard (R.I.P.), to head up an NCIS team in Europe.

CBS Renews NCIS for Ninth Season as Mark Harmon Inks New Deal

Shortly after Special Agent Barrett makes her debut in the March 1 episode — titled “One Last Score” and directed by none other than Michael Weatherly — ripples will be felt throughout Gibbs’ NCIS team. What’s more, we’re told that (sit down now, Tiva fans…) sparks will definitely fly between her and Tony.

Are you looking forward to this new arrival and seeing how she will rock Tony’s world? Do you think Special Agent Barrett’s presence will prompt DiNozzo to reflect on his past, perhaps teeing up the “origin episode” TVLine told you about back in January?