Community Stars Swear: Pierce's Brush With Death Makes for One 'Fun Episode'

Last week’s episode of NBC’s Community (Thursdays at 8/7c) ended with what looked to be the pill-popping Pierce (Chevy Chase) lying lifeless on a park bench.

Well, he’s still alive and kickin’, not nearly as close to death as he’d like his Greendale fam to believe — which brings us to this week’s hospital-centric episode. (Don’t worry, it’s funnier than it sounds.)

The subject matter of Community‘s second “bottle” episode of sorts, “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking,” sounds much more serious than it really is. Here’s the gist: Pierce thinks he’s not long for this world after landing in the hospital for ingesting too many of those “Andy Dick pills.” With amateur cameraman Abed (Danny Pudi) by his side, the eldest study grouper bequeaths different belongings to his college pals. Cue the laughs.

“This episode has the funniest scene of Community I’ve ever seen,” Donald Glover gushes. “It’s with Pierce and Jeff (Joel McHale), and I was on set when it wasn’t even my scene because I just remember reading it and thinking it would be hilarious.”

Pudi interjects to say, “Then there are two funniest scenes, because I’m thinking of [a separate] one with Troy.”

“Chevy Chase as Pierce as a sick person could never be funnier, which they’ve been doing all season,” Pudi adds. “And in Thursday’s episode, he is sick!”

Now, if you’re anything like me, you savor every precious moment of Community week to week — but sometimes those supersentimental episodes leave you feeling a little too sad for the characters involved, à la party girl Shirley at Troy’s 21st birthday party. But the guys promise that is not the case with “Filmmaking.”

“It has those poignant, sad moments,” Glover allows, “But these episodes are what makes our show really funny.” And, adds Pudi, “It’s a fun episode.”

And in case anyone is still worried about Chase’s fate on the show, I can confirm that by the episode’s end, all will be well with Pierce, his pill-popping days behind him.

Catch Community‘s “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking” this Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.