The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Week

Between broadcast and cable, there are exactly one kajillion different things to watch this week. We’re here to tell you about 22 of ‘em.

8/7c |
Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) | Aria’s father has a parent-teacher confab with Mr. Fitz. Dad, please don’t ask, “So, what’s my little girl best at?”
9 pm | The Chicago Code (Fox) | After one episode, you may be thinking, “Pfft, that Alderman Gibbons (played by Delroy Lindo) ain’t so shifty.” Yeah, tonight will change that.
9 pm | Being Human (Syfy) | Werewolf Josh’s new mentor, Ray, shows off the finer points of transforming. By using a “Howl To” manual? [Chuckle]
9:30 pm | Mike & Molly (CBS) | Mike learns that Molly’s “favorite” bakery is owned by an old flame — and a hunky one at that (Queer As Folk‘s Robert Gant).
10 pm | Castle (ABC) | Jason Wiles (Third Watch) plays an old friend of Castle’s who is suspected of killing Persons Unknown his wife.

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8/7c | NCIS (CBS) |
A foreign dignitary’s daughter (Elena Satine aka Smallville‘s Mera) is smitten with McGee. A day late for Valentine’s, but still: Awww.
9 pm | V (ABC) | Lisa meets her grandmother. Anna, be very afraid.
10 pm | Lights Out (FX) | As Lights preps for his first fight in five years, the biggest drain isn’t endless heavy bag work but being away from the fam.
10 pm | Parenthood (NBC) | Lost‘s Michael Emerson plays an entomologist who bonds with Max. (No bug-eyed jokes, thanks.)
10 pm | The Good Wife (CBS) | Finally, finally, finally, Alicia confronts Will about the “missing” voice mail. You may be surprised by his reaction; I know I was.

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8/7c | Survivor: Redemption Island (CBS) |
“Boston” Rob and Russell Hantz enter the mix, again, for the reality competition’s 22nd (!) edition
9 pm | Modern Family (ABC) | Shelley Long returns as Jay’s ex, and this time she has a boy toy in tow: one of Claire’s high-school honeys (played by Matt Dillon)!
10 pm | Justified (FX) | A pregnant convict figures into a very, very intense episode.

Blind Item: Hit Show Caters to Star’s Death Wish

8/7c | Community (NBC) |
A study group member’s brush with death leads to an episode set entirely outside of the college, in a hospital. Wait, so the girl-girl kissing is over?
9 pm | CSI (CBS) | Justin Bieber returns! Couldn’t you just die?! Ironically….
9 pm | Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) | Mer takes charge of the ER, while Bailey “takes charge” of Nurse Eli.
10 pm | Private Practice (ABC) | Grant Show and Stephen Collins (No Ordinary Family) reprise their roles of Archer and “The Captain” Montgomery, and for the saddest of reasons.

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8/7c | The Defenders (CBS) |
Having previously worked “blue” with John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd here teams up with his brother Jim, playing a judge in need of help.
8 pm | Smallville (The CW) | Lois decides that Clark could benefit from some sort of a mild-mannered disguise, and I imagine a Bieber wig is not what she has in mind.
9 pm | Supernatural (The CW) | A distress call concerning Lisa splits the brothers up, leaving Sam to tackle a case alone. I smell a trap. Admiral Ackbar, your thoughts?
10 pm | Blue Bloods (CBS) | The freshman cop drama returns to Fridays with a killer twist — in that an assassin is trying to snuff Frank.

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8/7c | The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business (CBS) |
Eleven non-winning teams from seasons past make another go at $1 million. You can watch for goths Kynt and Vyxsin; me, I’ll be following cheerleaders Jamie and Cara.

Which of the above is must-see TV for you? And by all means, hit the Comments to add tune-in suggestions of your own!