Smallville Exclusive: [Spoiler] Unmasked!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the biggest piece of Smallville news since Michael Rosenbaum’s confirmed resurrection as Lex Luthor!

Warning: The following story and accompanying photo are tres spoilery. Proceed at your own risk!

As foreshadowed in the final seconds of Friday’s episode (as well as a certain AA Asterisk Quiz), Luthor clone Alexander (played by Lucas Gabreel) is actually… Conner frakkin’ Kent!

Although I can’t say when exactly his secret identity will be revealed — cough “Scion” cough — I can confirm (via the exclusive photo above) that an upcoming episode contains a not-too-subtle nod to the character’s super-powered lineage. (Turns out Conner is something of a Blur fanboy.)

“Conner’s journey is manipulated by a master,” showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders reveal exclusively to TVLine. “Luckily, someone knows more about Conner’s life than he does. But he should be wary of strangers bearing gifts.”

Thoughts? Are you surprised? Or did you see this twist coming faster than a speeding bullet?

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