Exclusive Chuck Video: Meet the C.A.T. Squad!

I think we may have acquired an exclusive clip from the best episode of any TV show ever.

In the following sneak peek from this Monday’s episode of Chuck (8/7c, NBC), viewers are introduced to the Clandestine Attack Team — aka the C.A.T. Squad, a quartet of not-unattractive female superspies headed up by our own Sarah Walker (played by Yvonne Strahovski).

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You will meet “cold-hearted Carina” (played by Mini Anden), “Zondra, the bitch” (Three Rivers‘ Mercedes Masöhn), “Amy, the party girl” (Episodes‘ Mircea Monroe), and the narrator’s “pride and joy, Sarah Walker.”

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Tonight’s episode has Chuck reuniting his fiancée with her band of butt-kicking gal pals — one of whom, Carina, has kinda sorta almost had a “thing” with Morgan over past seasons.

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Watch this clip, then let us know if you fancy the C.A.T. Squad as purrfect company for a winter eve.

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