Blind Item Revealed: Glee Will Tackle [Spoiler]!

The secret is out: Glee warbler Blaine is the “popular gay character” at the center of my bi-curious blind item last week!

But those with a passing proficiency in mathematics no doubt read exec producer Ryan Murphy’s quotes in the current issue of Out — featuring coverboy Darren Criss — and put two-and-two together. “Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real,” Murphy revealed. “I think that some people will love that discussion and some will not love it.”

The issue of Blaine’s sexuality will be raised in next week’s episode, and in an exclusive interview with TVLine, Murphy cautioned fans to “watch the entire episode” before jumping to any conclusions.

Murphy also hinted that the plot’s message is more about common sense than sexual orientation. All but confirming that Blaine’s bi-curiosity is sparked by an encounter with a member of the opposite sex, Murphy teases, “I guess the moral of the story is don’t play spin the bottle while drunk on wine coolers.”

Thoughts? Are you keeping an open mind about this story? And which female character do you think Blaine messes around with? Hit the comments!

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