SVU Boss Promises Benson/Stabler Fans: A 'Memorable' Moment Is Coming!

Law & Order: SVU showrunner Neal Baer knows what the fans want, and he’s giving it to you in next Wednesday’s episode.

“Next week! Next week!” Baer gushed when asked about any buzzworthy moments ahead for SVU‘s smoldering — but just friends — lead detectives, Benson and Stabler. “Next week. ‘Pursuit.’ Debra Messing. Christine Lahti. Mariska Hargitay. Chris Meloni. It’s shocking — a shocking episode. In many ways,” he teased.

Tightlipped as ever, Baer was careful not to reveal too much else about the episode, or what exactly transpires between Elliot and Olivia. But we were able to extract a little more scoop from the series boss.

“It’s complex, and you will see Benson and Stabler in a way you haven’t seen,” he offered. “It’s certainly a situation we haven’t done before, and the ramifications will play out in a way that the fans will, I hope, really appreciate. It is memorable.

“But it’s not a shocking moment between them,” Bear clarified. “Something terribly shocking happens, and consequently, the moment between them is memorable, which underscores their relationship in ways that the fans will really appreciate.”

Baer added that while the moment is central to Wednesday’s episode alone, “The ramifications certainly carry on. Definitely.”

Dying to find out what the heck the big shock is? For now, take a peek at NBC’s description of Wednesday’s episode — coupled with Baer’s latest BubbleTweet preview — and maybe some of the pieces will start to come together:

When Alicia Harding (played by Messing), host of the television series “Neighborhood Predator,” begins to receive personal threats, her life-long pursuit to find her sister’s abductor emerges. Detectives Olivia Benson and Odafin “Fin” Tutola (Ice-T) are joined in the investigation by ADA Sonya Paxton (Lahti), who may be too involved in the case. As Harding thinks she is getting close to the truth, another’s life hangs in the balance.

Don’t miss NBC’s Law & Order: SVU Wednesday, February 16, at 10/9c.

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