Poll: Sheen Situation Has Guys More Likely To Tune Out Two and a Half Men Than Women

Now this is a bit interesting. Charlie Sheen’s most recent antics and resulting rehab stint has men more likely to break up with Two and a Half Men than women.

According to a survey commissioned by The Hollywood Reporter, 82 percent of women say they will still tune into TV’s most watched sitcom despite Sheen’s off-screen problems, compared to 76 percent of men.

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A different set of numbers, however, serve up a different slant: When asked if Two and a Half Men should simply subtract Sheen from the equation and forge on without him, 42 percent of the woman said yes, versus just 28 percent of the men.

Sheen, by some accounts, is expected back at work by the end of the month.

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But perhaps the most curious poll result concerns the public’s perception of Sheen. The THR survey found that 26 percent of those questioned now view Sheen “much more” or “somewhat more” favorably. Is that because he (finally, finally) underwent at-home rehab to deal with his demons?

It should be noted that the Sheen-centric survey was conducted on February 6, before a report surfaced that the well-paid actor has offered to foot one-third of the wages lost by set crew members during the current production stoppage. Per TMZ‘s reporting, Sheen’s offer was made with the expectation that CBS and Warner Bros. TV would also pony up a third each, though a CBS exec told the website that no such overture had been presented to them.

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Of course, a complete separate set of data — the Nielsen ratings — indicate that CBS’ Men is enduring the disruption just fine. This past Monday, the second-to-last new episode the show had in the bank prior to Sheen’s personal hiatus drew a mighty 15.1 million viewers and also dominated the demos.

What are your thoughts? Are Sheen’s personal troubles just that — personal? Did the incident that led him to seek rehab negatively color your view of him, or has the fact that he is aiming to remedy his behavioral wrongs a plus?

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