Exclusive First Look: Nikita's Mikita, Together!

You’ve seen flashbacks on The CW’s Nikita (Thursdays, 9/8c) before, but nothing quite like the exclusive Mikita-centric sneak peek TVLine has right here.

Click in to see the gorgeous full-size flashback photo of Michael and Nikita, plus find out what Shane West is revealing about the mind-blowing stuff ahead for the tortured twosome.

“You’re going to see a lot of stuff coming, and honestly, it’s blowing my mind,” West gushes to TVLine. “The fans are going to be shocked by the end of this season.”

Don’t you wish Michael and Nikita could get back to this point again — like now? Well, says West, that’s kind of what the pivotal April flashback episode is all about.

“We’re currently shooting an episode where Nikita is still working for Division, and Michael is worried about his job and is too focused on the team. You’ll see why Michael pushed her away.”

But that was then, and things have changed for both Michael and the star-crossed (someday) lovers. West says that if Michael was really, truly, completely against Nikita and what she stands for, “He would have made a concerted effort to take her down by now. He believes in a lot of what she’s saying, but right now he’s so conflicted. What you’ll see by the end of the year is more of Michael opening his eyes and seeing a lot of what’s going wrong.”

We can’t tell you exactly how things end up between “Mikita” by the season’s end, but West assures fans, “These two are very connected. You’re definitely going to see them get closer.”

Starting with this Thursday’s episode, in fact. It’s nothing like the peek you’ve seen above, but there is a quick Mikita flashback for your viewing pleasure, so don’t miss it starting at 9/8c on The CW.

How are you feeling, Mikita fans? Does the photo above give you hope for a reunion between the two? Hit the comments with all of your Nikita thoughts!