Blind Item: Gay Character Not So Gay After All?

Here’s a blind item that I’ll wager — ba-dum-bump — you never saw coming: An imminent episode of a hit series will find a popular gay character wondering whether he might actually be — gasp — bi!

The question of sexual disorientation arises after the confirmed bachelor has an encounter with a pivotal member of the opposite gender. (A close encounter, I’d imagine!) Afterwards, he’s forced to consider the possibility that he swings both ways.

The curve ball is sure to spark controversy, as well as perhaps a little disappointment. But on the flip side, at least the show will be giving hope to the hetero female viewers who’ve long wished the character played for their team.

But the hope may be fleeting. I’m told by the episode’s end, there will be some resolution. I just don’t know yet, er, which way it’ll go.

So… guesses? The message board below is all yours!

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