Keith Olbermann's New Gig: Burning Questions Answered!

Well, that didn’t take long. Barely two weeks after he and MSNBC announced a parting of the ways, Keith Olbermann has landed a plum new gig, at Al Gore’s Current TV.

In addition to executive-producing and hosting a nightly primetime news/commentary show for the cabler, Olbermann will serve as the company’s Chief News Officer. Olbermann’s new show will premiere later this year.

In a press conference call with reporters, Olbermann declined to directly dis any of his previous employers, only saying, “There is nothing wrong with people making money and corporations being involved in covering information… provided there is an avenue in which those marketing forces are not the deciding factor in what we are doing.”

“Current is not only the leading independent network, it’s the only one,” he added. “To underscore and support that is my great privilege.”

One burning question coming out of Current TV’s announcement is whether Olbermann might bring over the “Worst Person in the World” feature made infamous on MSNBC’s Countdown. “There may be a segment that resembles that in structure and in tone,” the newsman allowed.

As for whether Olbermann will be allowed to donate to political candidates — a practice which got him lashed with a wet noodle at MSNBC — Al Gore said during the conference call that “every citizen has the freedom of speech, and freedom of speech includes the ability to donate to candidates of your choice. But as a news and information organization, we also believe in full disclosure of that to inform the viewers.” Meaning, Olbermann can throw his money to anyone he likes, provided he keeps his bosses in the loop.

Will you welcome Olbermann to Current TV when he debuts later this year?