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Question: Rumor has it you got a preview screener of the Friday Night Lights finale. Thoughts? —Jamie
It’s too soon. Sorry.

Question: Does the Friday Night Lights finale contain a flash-forward element? —Jesse
Lordy, you people are relentless. Can’t you let a man grieve? Yes, there’s a montage-y leap forward — less than a year, more than a month — at the end of Wednesday’s super-sized swan song on DirecTV. Prepare yourselves, because it packs an emotional punch the likes of which I have not experienced, well, ever. The final scene in particular just destroyed me. I’m so not ready to let go of these characters. Speaking of The End, I’ll be posting a post mortem with exec producer Jason Katims immediately following the finale. If you’re not a complete basket case — heck, even if you are — I strongly recommend you drop by and give it a read.

Question: Any Glee scoop? Will Emma face off with Gwyneth Paltrow for stealing Will? —Bridget
Considering Emma’s married to John Stamos, I don’t think “stealing” is the right word here. But the recovering germaphobe’s feathers will be ruffled by Holly’s return, and not just because of the Will factor. Turns out Emma is now the advisor of McKinley High’s celibacy club, so while sex-ed substitute Holly’s impromptu contraceptive demonstration may get the Glee Club all hot and bothered, it just gets Miss Priss bothered. In other Glee news… did you see this?!

Question: NCIS scoop please — ideally Tiva-related? —Charles
Shameless teen Cameron Monaghan is guest-starring in a spring episode as Nick, a kid accused of killing his father. What does that have to do with Tony and Ziva, you ask? Um… I think maybe they interrogate him?

Question: Is House doing anything special for its upcoming 150th episode? —Jessica
That depends. Does the return of Thirteen qualify as “special” to you?

Question: Got any Private Practice scoop? —Melissa
Look who’s leaving!

Question: Any word what brings Cougar Town‘s cul-de-sac crew to Hawaii later this season? —Richard
It’s not a vacation, as I suspected. Per EP Kevin Biegel, “They’re going there to save Travis.”

Question: So, now that I am hooked on Blue Bloods, will Tom Selleck ever put on a Hawaiian shirt when he is off duty? Would be fun. —Ellen
He should be more concerned about sporting a Kevlar vest, seeing as chief of police Frank will be the target of an assassination attempt later this month. “It’s big stakes,” Will Estes (who plays Jamie, the youngest Reagan) tells TVLine’s Matt Mitovich of the intense sweeps episode. And whereas Blue Bloods often splits off family members into their own stories, this crisis will bring them together — especially in the name of nailing the culprits. Previews Estes: “Everybody wants a piece of those guys, bad.”

Question: When does your swag-for-charity auction end? —Michael
On Sunday! Hurry up! There are still some amazing deals to be had!

Question: Chuck fans are mobilizing at www.wegiveachuck.com — spread the word, please! — Michelle C
Consider the word spread! BTW, EP Josh Schwartz is quick to point out that Chuck‘s ratings, for the most part, have been “solid” this season. “I think [NBC] is really happy with how we’ve done,” he adds. “We remain ever hopeful about a fifth season.” Still, just to be safe we should all do our part and start raising some serious hell!

Question: Can I please have some Nikita scoop? — Patricia
Not only can you have some, I’ve got Shane West to give it to you. Take it away, Shane! “I just discovered how the season is technically going to end,” he tells TVLine’s own Megan Masters, “although we have six episodes [left] to shoot and I don’t know what’s going to happen in each [one]. But if it ends the way they want it to, it’s certainly not going to be at all how it started.” (Ed. note: We call that a game-changer!) “I believe that Jayden, played by Tiffany Hines, will graduate [to agent] sometime soon,” West continues. “They’re getting out of the recruit stuff, so we can get out of Division. It opens up the show to more possibilities [next season].”

Question: Anything on Thursday’s Valentine’s Day-themed episode of The Office? —Cindy
Best episode of the season, IMHO. Story-wise, the Gabe-Erin-Andy triangle takes a turn I (and Erin) did not see coming.

Question: Parenthood scoop? —Tara
Here are three words you don’t often read: I was wrong. It turns out Jasmine has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming storyline involving Richard Dreyfuss’ theater-producer character. The plot actually revolves around Sarah. “The two form an unlikely bond,” explains EP Jason Katims, “that helps Sarah rediscover her creativity and start a new chapter in her life.”

Question: Give me some 90210 scoop! -Gregory
I found out where the show is going with this Annie/Grey Gardens storyline and I’m… intrigued. (Hint: It involves ***e*, and lots of it.) Elsewhere, Jen’s headed back to town to reclaim that pretty little accessory she calls a son. And if she has to accuse Ryan of being an unfit father to accomplish that, so be it!

Question: I’m loving Community. Got anything good about my favorite underachieving college students? —Erin
Big doins in this week’s Valentine’s Day-themed ep, one of my favorites of the season and one of the best showcases ever for the hilarious Gillian Jacobs. So here’s what goes down…

* Two characters of the same sex move in together.
* Two characters of the same sex make out.
* One character is revealed to have crabs.
* One character proposes a threesome involving his best friend and a stranger lady.
* The previous four scoops represent completely independent, non-overlapping storylines.

Question: Any word if Scott Porter will be sticking around The Good Wife? ­—Andrew
There is word, and it’s a bit of a bummer: Porter is shooting his final episode this week. But EP Michelle King says it’s “possible we haven’t seen the last” of Blake. In the meantime, here’s a scooplet about his farewell ep (slated to air on March 22). “Kalinda finds a way to undermine Blake,” teases King, “although there’s a sense that his parting shot is particularly potent.”

Question: A Good Wife scoop please? —Jen
Lockhart Gardner’s drug-dealing client, Lemond Bishop, resurfaces in the aforementioned March 22 episode, although this time he comes to the firm with a more personal problem.

Question: Any word on whether the 3XK storyline will be revisited on Castle this season? I loved the interaction between him and Castle. —Hazal
If the infamous Triple Killer returns, it probably won’t be until next fall.

Question: Loved Gossip Girl‘s last episode! Packed with great Dan/Blair moments. But the end made me worried: Is this the last of their storyline? —Fernanda
Nope. The Dan/Blair plot — arguably one of the show’s most entertaining ever — remains front and center throughout February. In fact, there’s a doozy of a cliffhanger involving the reluctant couple at the end of the Feb. 28 episode — and I mean cliffhanger in the truest sense of the word: Following that ep, GG goes off the air for six whole weeks.

Question: I would love some True Blood scoop! —Beth
Alcide’s getting an after-hours boss. The show is casting the role of Raoul, a tough, intense white dude in his early 40s who also happens to be the werewolf packmaster of Shreveport. Curiously, interested applicants must be shorter than Joe Manganiello. Good luck finding an unemployed actor in Hollywood under 8-foot-6!

Question: I am still in shock over Nate’s death on Southland! First Kevin Alejandro gets killed off Ugly Betty and now Southland too? Why do these crazy TV execs kill off such a gorgeous man?! Please tell me I will still get to see Kevin on True Blood! —Andi
Not only will he be back, but Jesus is getting an origin arc! Alan Ball will be digging into the gay witch’s creepy backstory this season, complete with flashbacks to the mid-80s when he was living in the Chihuahuan desert with his protective mother and terrifying, intimidating brujo of a grandfather.

Question: I know you absolutely loathe One Tree Hill, but I’d still like a scoop or two. —Spigner
I resemble that remark! Here’s something juicy: Remember the hit-and-run that triggered Brooke and Jamie’s near-death river plunge in this fall’s big hurricane episode? That little whodunit will be revisited in a big way later this season.

Question: Just thought I’d check to see if you’d managed to get a sneak peek at the full playlist for the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode and/or any plot details. —Jenrinda
I can pretty much confirm that the episode will be told from Callie’s hallucinatory POV. The Off Off Off Off Off-Broadway show unfolds during a medical crisis involving her unborn baby. Apparently, life/death stakes + hormones + happy meds = Snow Patrol cover songs!

Question: I need some scoop on my favorite show, The Big Bang Theory. Are Leonard and Penny getting back together for good? Marissa
If Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette have anything to say about it, it seems likely. “There’s an ongoing Penny/Leonard story developing that Bernadette and I are trying to facilitate Penny in,” Mayim Bialik recently told TVLine before insisting she couldn’t say any more. Mayhaps she’s eager to do all that she can to ensure that she’s invited back next season?  “I hope [I’ll be back],” she admitted. “But I really don’t know. This industry is really funny and weird.” Heck, to hear her tell it, she isn’t even sure if she’ll be invited back next week. “They keep us guessing. Sometimes they claim scripts aren’t written, and I think I should believe them because I don’t get them until the night before!”

Question: Got any more deets on Connie Britton’s in-the-works FX drama? —Amy
Only this exclusive (and wholly obvious) tidbit from series creator David O. Russell: “It’s going to be a badass show.”

Question: I’m loving Parks and Recreation being back on air! I’m also loving the chemistry between Leslie and Ben. Any plans for them to actually get together in the near future? —Kelly
Maybe not “together,” but certainly closer. In the March 3 episode about the long-in-the-works Harvest Festival, the civic-minded lonely hearts share a really nice moment. Maybe that’ll tide you over? If not, I’ll throw in that the can’t-miss installment also involves an animal erection and a flirtation between Rashida Jones’ Ann and Ronnie from Jersey Shore — or at least his twin. Oh, and Mo Collins gives a mini tour de force as Pawnee Today anchor Joan Callamezzo. Just be there.

Question: Please tell me Smallville‘s two-hour series finale is not going to be titled “Finale Part 1” and “Finale Part 2,” as is being reported. —April
I’m 97 percent certain those are placeholders. My advice? Chillax! (FYI: Still no news re: Rosenbaum. And no news continues to be bad news.)

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