Glee Valentine's Episode Preview: Your Burning Questions Answered!

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know how I feel about this Tuesday’s episode of Fox’s Glee (airing Tuesday at 8/7c): It’s pretty damn great. (Sorry for cussing, PTC.)

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Titled “Silly Love Songs,” the Valentine’s Day-themed outing offers plot movement, some long-overdue bits of character study, and performances (including the title track) that punctuate, versus dictate, storyline.

The gist: It turns out that Puck’s “seven minutes in heaven” with new Gleek Lauren left at least one of them wanting more. That tees up a very entertaining courtship process as well as one of the most physical, one-sided catfights you may ever see. Elsewhere, Finn’s success on the gridiron has inflated his ego to the point that he sees it as his duty to man a kissing booth. That brings on developments in both his past relationships and evokes Melissa Sue Anderson’s Brady Bunch appearance (for the other old-timers out there).

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As I “live-tweeted” my advanced viewing of this episode, I was hit with a plethora of questions. To help you prep for seeing “Silly Love Songs” yourself, here are some answers-slash-teases.

Was the episode worth the two-month wait? – @erinrachelle74
That burden really fell on Sunday night’s aprés-Super Bowl episode. But regardless of how super or fumbling that outing was, Tuesday’s follow-up is one of the real standouts from the past season-and-a-half. I want to say that I haven’t been as impressed with a Glee ep since “Grilled Cheesus,” except that one kinda had people divided between “great” and “awful.” But I can’t imagine many folks coming down hard on “Silly Love Songs” – it’s that satisfying on multiple fronts.

Any scenes to make a Puck fan happy? – @karladan
Puck fans will have plenty of scenes to choose from, so the odds are good. Yes, some of you may have groaned when you got wind that your boy would be crushing on the new gal. But stick around, because their dynamic is totally enjoyable and fresh, if only because Lauren has Puck-like spunk – and I don’t think she’s posing, either.

Are there any signs of Finn and Rachel getting back together? Or at least good scenes between them? – @JonaDemiSeliMil
There are multiple scenes between Finn and Rachel – including one where he reveals a very special gift that he ordered for her pre-breakup. Tear.

Anything Finchel? – @monsterfan13
Would you say that a kiss on the cheek from Finn has a value of a $1? Because Rachel would beg to disagree. Also, the latest spin on the rollercoaster that is their showmance sets up a cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework” that is plenty rousing.

Any Brittana in the episode? – @caligirllaurez
One of the two veryclose Cheerios consoles the other, but it’s all rather chaste. Brittany comes off as very happy with her Artie (and vice versa), and that makes me smile.

Does Quinn actually have lines in this episode? – @badtoad20
As the unofficial president of the unofficial Dianna Agron Fan Club, I am happy to report that this is her most significant episode since early Season 1. You’ll see her wax romantic, yet also catch glimpses of the bad girl we fell for hard back in the day. Oh, and as icing on the cake, Dianna is operating at peak luminescence.

I’m guessing Sam and Quinn break up? – @CubaLibra
Why do you think that? Because he watches her kiss another guy? Or because by episode’s end, he’s trading furtive glances with another fine young lady?

Do Quinn and Finn finally get the closure they needed? – @MsHayleyH
Someone help me out here: What’s the opposite of closure?

Are they really going forward with Finn/Quinn again? – @peigilbert
Let’s just say they have a lot more unfinished business than even I thought — and even better, it’s poignantly addressed.

I was left a little bit hurting for Kurt and Blaine after seeing the scene in the GAP (watch it here). Tell me it gets better. – @xxminishaxx
As much as I will sing this episode’s praises, it is my opinion that the GAP/”When I Get Your Alone” scene is its one (and a prolonged) weak spot. That said, it gives the “Klaine” story a much-needed kick in the pants.

Will Klaine fans be happy at the end of the episode? – @Sparr0wni
Well, they won’t be nearly as miserable as the aforementioned GAP number gets them feeling!

Is Emma in it at all? She was supposed to have some secret? – @iheartbillyb
Perhaps the “secret” is that her scene is actually in the Feb. 15 episode, titled “Comeback.” Because there’s not a trace of Emma (or Sue, for that matter) in this episode.

Can you give us a clue about who gets the last scene in the episode? – @oldnumetal
Ausiello gave me the OK to try one of those “asterisk quiz” things, so here’s a hint: *veryo*e.

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