Exclusive First Look: Greek's Cappie and Casey Face the 'Morning-After'

After the final moments of Monday’s Greek, it’s clear: Casey Cartwright is the ZBZ gal who partied just a little too hard Homecoming night (with Cappie!) and now she’s forced to face the consequences come morning — in the form of the morning-after pill.

But it’s your lucky day because we’ve got an exclusive first look at what happens when Cas and Cap wake to discover what really transpired between them, plus some scoop on what’s next for the will-they-won’t-they twosome.

Greek Set To Air Groundbreaking Morning-After Pill Episode

Per Cappie’s (Scott Michael Foster) style, the initial morning after interaction is full of quips and giggles, which you’ll see in our exclusive clip, but it turns serious for the pair once Casey (Spencer Grammer) gets, well, serious. Watch the sneak peek below, then read on for more Greek goodness:

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Monday’s episode, written by one of our faves, 10 Things I Hate About You scribe Carter Covington, propels Greek‘s longstanding (but not currently together) lovebirds into a make it or break it situation, and ultimately the two will decide if they are a couple or not…with an outcome that should please the masses.

Don’t miss this special episode from Greek‘s final run this Monday, February 7, on ABC Family.

And be sure to hit the comments with your morning-after episode thoughts!

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