Nikita's Shane West: Michael and Alex Romance 'Just Can't Happen!'

Warning: If you’re one of the many (or few, depending on how you look at it) hoping for Nikita‘s Michael and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) to start lovin’ it up, Shane West has some pearls of wisdom for you: “Let’s be real, people!”

“Michael can’t date her,” West laughs when asked about a possible Malex (?) romance — something he’d never even considered before my little chat with him this morning. “It’s not gonna happen.”

Seriously, he’s not picking on the devoted fandom. West completely understands why people might think the show is headed that way, but instead of egging you guys on, he’s just ripping the band-aid off in quick, painless fashion.

We’ll let West elaborate: “It just can’t happen unless they want Michael to be a bad guy. Michael can’t have a history with a student, i.e. Nikita, fall in love with her, have a relationship, have things fall apart because of Michael’s past and his revenge motif and then date another student — who reminds him of Nikita! Does that mean he’s dated more than them, that are also students, that remind him of Nikita?! That makes him a creep. It just can’t happen.”

Makes sense. There’s definitely chemistry between Alex and Michael, but West believes it runs deeper than romance.

“Michael cares about his students, period,” he tells us. “But the care is more fatherly for Alex. They’re bringing in a love interest for her [Thad Luckinbill], which parallels Nikita’s past, and Michael gets very protective of Alex because he knows what’s happened with Nikita and Daniel.”

So he loves her…but he doesn’t looove her. Got it?

“If there was no Nikita and Michael, which is kind of the point of the story, then maybe something could happen with Michael and Alex,” West add, “but I feel if Michael were to have something with Alex, it honestly cheapens Michael as a human being.” And no one wants that because we love our Michael just the way he is.

Be sure to check out TVLine next week for more from my chat with Shane, where we talk Michael and Nikita’s future (there is one!) and the potential fall of Division.

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