Blind Item: Who's Got a Secret Spouse?

If it seems like everyone is hiding something on TV these days it’s because, well, they are. But one character is keeping a secret so ginormous that even the most jaded tube addict will find himself or herself doing a Diet Raspberry Snapple spit-take.

In a nutshell, a major player on a hit series that TVLine readers are obsessed with is married. Big whoop, right? Wrong. Turns out this certain someone neglected to mention this to his/her friends, colleagues or past/present significant other(s). And when the secret comes to light — and it will come to light later this season — the ensuing scandal will have a potentially crippling impact on this character’s personal and professional lives.

The best part? This is far from some gimmicky ratings-grabbing stunt. Once longtime fans of the show pick their jaws up off the floor, they will realize that the twist makes perfect sense story-wise.

So who’s the character that is otherwise betrothed? Submit your best guesses in the comments section!

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