Community Scoop: Greendale Enrolls In Who's the Boss? History Class

There’s only one thing that could make Community cooler, and it’s finally happening…

Greendale Community College is getting its own Who’s the Boss? history course!

Abed’s pop culture-filled dreams come true in an upcoming episode of Community which finds the Greendaler enrolled in a spring elective (sans the rest of the group) that just so happens to be an in-depth study of the beloved 1980s sitcom — which, let’s face it, is awesome.

Stephen Tobolowsky — who you may remember from Glee, Heroes and tons of other shows — drops by Community as Professor Sheffield, a self-proclaimed expert in the field of Boss knowledge, who has both published a book on the subject and developed said college course.

But Abed, too, is a Who’s the Boss? expert of sorts, and thus, the two have met their match(es)!

Let me say now that my love of Danny Pudi already runs deep, but seeing Abed spout off factoids about Tony and Angela (and Sam and Mona!) might just send me right over the edge. And once again, Community continues to set the bar for all things funny a teensy bit higher with each new episode.

Community‘s “Pain Management Through Wine Tasting” is scheduled to air at 8pm on NBC near the end of March, so mark your calendars now…in pencil, of course.