The Closer's Main Men Sound Off On Spinoff

The Closer spinoff is happening, people, and you’re not the only ones excited about the prospect of a fresh start.

A few of the TNT hit’s main men chatted up TVLine at the SAG Awards, and graciously gushed about series creator James Duff’s new crime-fighting vision, the probability of joining (and naming!) the offshoot and what they want to see when The Closer closes shop.

“Who knows what will happen?” said Corey Reynolds (Gabriel) — with a revealing smirk — when asked if Closer fans would see him on the impending spinoff. “Right now, I’m just focused on making sure we bow out the way that we should.”

Exclusive: The Closer Will Live On Longer — and Get a Spinoff!

And thankfully, as TVLine speculated last week, the cast and crew have now been given the opportunity to do so with six additional episodes, bringing the final season order to 21.

“It’s going to be great,” Reynolds told us of the extra eps. “Hopefully it will give us the opportunity to bow out gracefully. There’s nothing worse than when you hear a show’s coming to an end before its time. But we get an opportunity, knowing [it’s ending] before we start the season, to actually do our fans justice and give them stories that wrap it up and make it feel complete.”

Tony Denison (Flynn) feels the same way. “The additional episodes are great because when they air them next year, what [they] will morph into is the interesting part.”

Referring, of course, to the spinoff to be launched by The Closer’s finale, Denison revealed that while he was saddened to learn the series would be ending (because he would have been “happy doing the show another five, six years, at least!”), Flynn might be sticking around.

“Maybe,” he laughed when asked if we’d see him on Major Crimes (the new series’ working title, per EW.com). “All I know is that I’m allowed to say maybe.”

Now here’s where things get funny:  James Duff took a stab at shopping a full-on spinoff a few years ago, titled The Fixer. The series was to revolve around a high-powered Hollywood attorney and would have featured crossovers from MCD faves Provenza (G.W. Bailey) and Flynn, as they moonlight as private eyes. On Sunday night, Denison was still hoping that the new spinoff would be something along those lines.

“There’s been this joke going around with G.W. Bailey’s Provenza and my character Flynn,” teases Denison. “People [on set] said to him one day, ‘Are they ever going to put a show together and call it Provenza?’ So G.W. said, ‘Who knows, but if they did, it’s gotta be with Tony and — together.’ And they asked what would it be called then, and G.W. goes, ‘Provenza!'”

Is does have a nice ring to it, right? Maybe more so than Major Crimes? Let us know what you think in the comments!