Friday Night Lights' Swan Song WILL Air on NBC

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t… wait to see the fifth and final season of Friday Night Lights on NBC? Well, there’s good news. Despite buzz to the contrary, the show’s swan song season — which is currently unspooling on DirecTV — will air on the Peacock.

News that Universal was releasing the Season 5 DVD months earlier than usual — on April 5, to be exact — triggered speculation that NBC had decided not to run FNL‘s final 13 episodes. After all, why would the network want to give fans’ the option of watching the show’s endgame on DVD before it even aired the season premiere? (The DVD set for Season 4 hit the street last August, well after it completed its run on NBC.)

But an insider insists there’s no cause for alarm. The source maintains that although it has yet to be scheduled, the farewell season will be broadcast on NBC.

Of course, if you’re a DirecTV subscriber this is all a moot point; the series finale airs on the satellite dishnet on Feb. 9. Speaking of which, someone remind me to pick up extra strength Xanax and two-ply Kleenex this weekend at Walgreens.

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