Modern Family Cast Marvels Over Sofia, and Other SAG Award Sound Bites

Want to witness a lovefest? Just take a peek at the Modern Family cast. The Screen Actors Guild Award winners for Best Comedy Ensemble kept the fun times flowing backstage post-win, particularly when it came to chatting about the va-va-voomness that is Sofia Vergara.

TVLine was there for the backstage chatter and now we’re here with some choice quotables from the Family, a Good Wife, an out-of-it Boardwalker and more…

Modern Family cast

(Describing Vergara’s look tonight):
| “Bravo!”
Julie Bowen
| “What could anyone ever say to Sofia except that she looks phenomenal, always, always, always?!”
Eric Stonestreet
| “We got all the lewd comments out of the way…I just can barely not stare at them. Am I looking at them now? It’s a dress for her golden globes.”

Stonestreet | “Jesse and I get comments and compliments all the time from gay moms and gay dads who watch the show, and kids of same-sex relationships who say ‘thanks for being a couple that I can point kids who pick on me at school to, and say ‘Hey, Cam and Mitchell are kind of like my family.’ Things like that that transcend our job.”

(Bowen on her SAG attire)
Bowen | “I am wearing pants, that’s right!”
Jesse Tyler Ferguson | “Out of my closet!”
Bowen | “Yes, I consulted Jesse and some of his friends. [Laughs.]”

(The cast reveals the odd-job that earned them their SAG cards.)
Stonestreet | “An Illinois lottery commercial.”
Sarah Hyland | “I was five and I played Howard Stern’s daughter on Private Parts.”
Ty Burrell | “I’m one of many actors who got their SAG card from Law & Order, and I was very sad to see it end.”
Ed O’Neill | “I got my SAG card from a movie called Dogs of War…”
Ariel Winter | “I was five and it was a Cool Whip commercial.”

Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

“I’m taken aback [by the show’s success] because I thought last year felt like a fluke…but now that we’re in our sophomore year, the writing has gotten more complex and more interesting. It’s such a fun role to play and I’m so grateful to have this job, let alone to have people recognize it, watch it and then give us rewards for it. It’s an embarrassment of riches.”

“Usually the TV people are sitting so far away from the movie people [at the SAG Awards] and tonight they integrated all of us, so there I am sitting next to Annette Bening, Warren Beatty and Mark Ruffalo, who is a friend of mine. And there’s Colin Firth, who I would die to read a phone book with.

(And the job that gave Margulies her SAG card is…) “Ready? Steven Seagal’s Out for Justice. I played a hooker with a heart of gold and I made $2000.”

“The red carpet is really the only thing that makes me nervous [at these events]. It’s a little daunting, a lot of yelling, a lot of pushing…I find it a very strange juxtaposition between the art of acting and the art of fashion, as much as I love fashion.”

Claire Danes, Temple Grandin

(Joking about her millionth win for the HBO original movie) “It does feel excessive at this point. [Laughs.]”

“This is a really extraordinary role and one that I’ll never find again, anytime soon. It was really intimidating…but I found her so compelling and so inspiring that I just couldn’t not take the risk and I’m just so grateful that it worked and that people have responded so strongly to the film.”

“Temple lived it, I played it…There’s a difference. [Laughs.]”

(How did Claire earn her SAG card? ) “I think my first job was when I was 12. I did a pilot with Dudley Moore called Dudley — that was more ‘dud’ than ‘ley’. But he was amazing, and I’ve had dental since.

Boardwalk Empire cast — mainly a seemingly incoherent Paz de la Huerta

(When asked about the series being true to its historical context)
de la Huerta | “It was the sexual revolution; women didn’t wear bras and loose clothing. Martin Scorsese is a library — he put together for everyone CDs from that time and it helped me.”

(In response to the cast being asked if there were things that were just too envelope-pushing for the series)
de la Huerta | “I did a lot of nudity, but Steve Buscemi [and the cast] made me feel very comfortable and I approached those scenes like any other scene.”

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