Exclusive 'Twinterview' With Perfect Couples Funnyman Kyle Bornheimer

Welcome to TVLine’s first ever “Twinterview”!

For today’s exciting Twinterview launch, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the funniest guys on TV today and the star of NBC’s newest Thursday night comedy, Perfect Couples, Mister Kyle Bornheimer…

@MegMasters | You ready to do this thing, @KyleBornheimer??
@KyleBornheimer | This could get messy. Incredibly excited. And strangely nervous.

@MegMasters | OK it’s on @KyleBornheimer! Welcome to our Twinterview! Let’s start with an easy one: Describe #PerfectCouples in 140 characters or less.
@KyleBornheimer | Perfect Comedy from the Perfect Comedy Team of Silveri, Pollack, and Ackerman, which is to say 30 Rock, Friends, and Seinfeld!

@MegMasters | Sounds perfect! What about your character –for those who haven’t seen #PerfectCouples yet.
@KyleBornheimer | Just graduated from extended juvenilia to real adulthood; would like to dress more like Don Draper. Part of a healthy, mature relationship but perfectly unprepared for the daily weirdness that comes with partnering up in life.

@MegMasters | That’s actually exactly how I would describe Dave–a less mature, but equally handsome Don Draper.
@KyleBornheimer | I was actually just fishing for a comparison to Don Draper. Thanks!
@MegMasters | Definitely. You & Jon Hamm? Separated at birth. Which is just another reason to watch #PerfectCouples.

@MegMasters | Lots of fun stuff for Dave in the #PerfectCouples premiere. What “daily weirdness” are we going to see next?
@KyleBornheimer | Dave tries to out-toast his wife Julia (played by the beautiful and talented Christine Woods) at a wedding. He’s convinced he’s a hit at weddings and that Julia doesn’t know how to work a room. Dave often assumes he’s the voice of reason and often ends up looking like the insane one.

@MegMasters | Love it! How does Dave & Julia’s marriage differ from your own? Any storylines inspired by real-life?
@KyleBornheimer | Great combo of real life stuff and couples issues I hadn’t really thought about until the writers brought them up, plus some awesomely bizarre ones that work just for the unique couples they’ve come up with. These writers are masters of comic tone.

@MegMasters | Writers are great but the cast isn’t too shabby either! Any favorite behind-the-scenes moments from season 1?
@KyleBornheimer | I’m highly unprofessional & often ruin scenes by laughing. Also [I] like to ruin my fellow mates’ moments by trying to make them laugh. Dave Walton and Olivia Munn are the easiest to make laugh, and I pride myself on doing it at least once a scene and it’s not because I’m particularly funny, just particularly unprepared and can never say my lines without cracking up.

@MegMasters | I’d argue that the #PerfectCouples fans will love you more for that. It shows that you guys have fun & that chemistry is definitely reflected onscreen during your scenes. I love that you “break”…
@KyleBornheimer | We invented game on set called Creepliments — compliments that are kind of nice, but kind of creepy.

@MegMasters | Shut up! Creepliments sounds amazing! You guys should patent that. Or at least write it into the show.
@KyleBornheimer | I never want it to end. I want to do this for 10 seasons than have an awkward reunion episode in 20 years. Everything gets written into the show – we have 10 seasons to do after all!

@MegMasters | That’s incredibly sweet. I really love when my job allows me to champion shows with casts that genuinely love each other.
@KyleBornheimer | Well, I like them. they might think I’m an a#%hole.
@MegMasters | BUT an a#%hole that resembles Don Draper. You can’t really beat that.

@MegMasters | OK, I know you’re a busy man but before I let you go, can we fill your fans in on our pitch to get you back on #TheOffice? Let’s just walk ’em through our #PerfectCouples/#TheOffice crossover plan.
@KyleBornheimer | Yes, you & I came up with this a few weeks ago. It’s really a spin off that spins off both #perfectcouples and #theoffice.

@MegMasters | And Dave, being a real estate agent, is going to help Michael Scott buy a new home…outside of Scranton. It. Is. Perfect!
@KyleBornheimer | Our spin off runs concurrently with the two shows its spun from – which I believe is a first – just like this Twinterview is a first. And its an hour long drama.

@MegMasters | Kyle, this has been so much fun! Thanks for spending some time chatting with me tonight. Any parting words?
@KyleBornheimer | Lets recap #megmastersisawesome #creepliments #officecoupleshourlngdramaspinof Thx! Pleasure’s all mine. Now – did Don Draper ever leave the house in an American Idol swag sweatshirt? If not, I’m about to break my ‘dress more like Mad Men rule’.

Don’t miss Perfect Couples Thursday’s at 8:30pm on NBC.

Thanks so much for checking out our inaugural Twinterview. Hope you had as much fun as I did!