Community Scoop: Will a Girl Come Between Troy and Abed?!

Don’t be fooled by her sweet face! That’s the girl who comes thisclose to tearing apart Community‘s bosom buds Troy and Abed — you know, of Troy & Abed in the Morning fame. But will her Valentine’s Day voodoo work?

Ha! Unlikely. We are talking about Troy and Abed, for goodness sake. But it does make for a sweet storyline in Community‘s second annual Valentine’s Day installment.

“There’s [a Valentine’s] episode where Troy and Abed fight over a girl,” Donald Glover tells us. Add Danny Pudi, “It’s a fight that really tests our friendship — but in true Troy and Abed fashion, they go after the girl…together.”

Which really just means that Communies need not worry about their beloved bromance because these two are completely clueless about love — but not friendship.

Here’s how it plays out: The guys spot Mariah (played by the short-lived Quarterlife‘s Maite Schwartz), the new college librarian, putting books back on the shelf and instantly fall for her. But we can assure you that she’s not just an innocent bystander here. In fact, she’s drinking the Abed and Troy Kool-Aid — and letting them both know it.

“It’s just really endearing,” Danny laughs. “The whole time I was reading it, I was thinking, gosh it’s so sweet that these two people really want this girl, and they just don’t get it.”

Alas, all will eventually be well with our little Community pals by in the February 10 episode — whew!

Don’t miss tonight’s all new Community at 8/7c on NBC, where the gang’s anti-drug play goes awry and it’s Chang to the rescue.

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