Deadly Dilemma: Will Bones' Booth Be Able To Take Down the New Baddie?

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Bones.]

This Thursday night on Fox’s Bones, the Gravedigger met her maker – but by a means that dug up a grave figure from Booth’s own past.

After a bit of misdirection placing Temp’s pop (guest star Ryan O’Neal) on the suspect list, it was revealed that the triggerman on Heather Taffet’s takedown was Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, an elite sniper peer of Booth’s. The shooter’s mission was not so much to dispatch with the Digger but tap Seeley firmly on the shoulder and thus unsettle his world. Along the way –- but before the reveal -– we saw that Booth, from his days as a sniper, could identify with the gunman’s muddled morality.

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Bones star Emily Deschanel says the Broadsky storyline will “play a part through the remainder of the season,” and “brings up a lot of things for Booth.”

David Boreanaz himself sums up Broadsky (played by The Mummy‘s Arnold Vosloo) as “somebody Booth is proud of, somebody that he has respected and learned from in the past.”

“He knows he’s a good guy,” Boreanaz continues, “but he’s kind of gone the wrong way.”

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Toward the end of the first episode, Booth had at least one opportunity to bring down Broadsky, but found himself unable to pull the trigger. And that, Boreanaz previews, will be a recurring dilemma as this intense storyline plays out.

“Booth is just looking to answer two questions: Why? And how could someone do this?” the actor explains. “Now, he might have to take him out -– with his own gun –- and that should be interesting to see.”

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Bones fans: Exploding noggin aside, were you excited this week to see Booth take his first steps into this dark, dramatic and decidedly personal storyline?

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