Love Triangles and Lies! Vampire Diaries' Michael Trevino Talks Tyler's New Troubles

Life (and love!) is tough in Mystic Falls. But for Tyler Lockwood, that’s actually a huge understatement — you know, because he’s a werewolf in love with his best friend’s (vampire) girl.

Will things ever start looking up for Tyler? Michael Trevino tells us it’s possible, but not before the vamps attempt to break that pesky daylight curse, Caroline shuts him down and he discovers what really happened to his uncle, Mason.

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First thing’s first: The chemistry between Tyler and Caroline is insane, but Trevino tells us that the love a-brewin’ between the two runs much deeper than some high school crush.

“We’re going into a love triangle with Caroline, Matt and Tyler,” he teases. “But given the circumstances, I don’t think it’s anything that [Tyler or Caroline] are pursuing; it’s just happened. Organically, something is happening between them, and in turn, it makes for a lot of awkwardness between Matt and Tyler.”

Sadly, the awkwardness carries on, making Tyler’s only other friend (besides Caroline) the mysterious new wolf-chick, Jules (Michaela McManus). And sure, she seems a little devious thus far, but Trevino assures TVLine that she’s not as nasty as she seems.

“At this point, we’ve shot three episodes that haven’t aired and within those three episodes, Tyler is investigating Mason’s disappearance and finds out a lot of things that he didn’t know before,” he tells us. “A little more information is given to Tyler by Jules, who’s coming off as bad, but I believe her intentions for Tyler are good. Jules gradually talks to Tyler more, and at first he’s not very receptive towards her, but you can see that she means well and all she’s trying to do is protect [him].”

Some of Tyler’s enlightenment includes, but is not limited to: Finally realizing that Caroline is not actually the only vamp in town (duh!), and that said other vamps may have offed ol’ Mason. (Sad, right?)

So, what does this all mean?

Laughs Trevino: “It’s definitely heading toward a battle. Once all the information is out on the table and Tyler realizes all that’s been happening, and that he wasn’t aware of any of it before, people have to start picking sides. And through that, we will have a face-off between vampires and werewolves.”

Meaning we’ll have to see at least one more full moon during TVD‘s second season…well, maybe.

“That’s something I’m curious about as well,” Trevino muses. “We still don’t know how Tyler feels now that the transformation has happened; does he want to turn into a wolf again, or does he not want to? It comes to the point where he’s going have to make a decision about this binding to the moon — should he break that curse and not have to worry about whenever the next full moon is? These questions will be answered soon. But I would guess that there will be at least one more full moon this season.”


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