Oprah's Half-Sister Reveal Gives Birth to a Whole Lotta Laughs

The Oprah Winfrey Show installment in which the queen of daytime revealed that she had discovered a long-lost half-sister not only reaped big ratings, it also spawned much comedic fodder for the entertainment community.

“The rumors are true, I’m Oprah’s half sister,” Joel McHale (of Community and The Soup) tweeted on Monday, getting the ball rolling. “Believe me, I’m more shocked than you. To know that I’m related to Oprah & find out I’m a woman [is] almost too much.”

Disputing McHale’s claimed birthright was the husband-and-wife team of Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean, each of whom also tweeted dibs on being O’s secret sib.

Working with a bit more lead time, late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson both poked fun at Winfrey’s much-hyped revelation by unveiling their own “long-lost” relatives.

As seen in the first video posted below, Kimmel’s kin came in the form of Barbara, whom he quickly and early embraced (at the 3:40 mark)… only to then shoo her away.

Kimmel also had fun with the topic in his monologue, saying that the half-sister of the über-rich Winfrey now “has to decide if she’s going to go with the lump sum, or annual payments.”

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Ferguson, meanwhile, introduced viewers to “Pat” Ferguson, played by a man in drag.

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But as noted at the top of this story, Oprah’s the one laughing… all the way to the ratings bank, seeing as Monday’s “very special” episode netted the talker its best household rating since a February 2005, aprés-Oscars outing.

Did you tune in for Oprah’s big news? Was it worth the headlines?