Exclusive: Castle Lathers Up With a Soap Star-Studded Murder Mystery

Quick, someone tell all my children to alert General Hospital, because ABC’s Castle is plotting a super-soapy wink-wink to Nathan Fillion’s daytime roots by slaying a daytime-TV scribe.

In an episode titled — wait for it — “One Life to Lose,” Beckett and Castle will delve into the murder of a soap opera scribe, TVLine has learned exclusively. As they work the case, watch for multiple stars from ABC’s own sudsers to make appearances (though probably not as themselves but fictional thespians).

What’s more, I am told that longtime fans of Fillion’s former daytime digs, One Life To Live, can expect at least one nod to his run as good boy Joey Buchanan.

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Fillion has never shied away from his OLTL origins. In fact, he reprised his role of Joey for two episodes in 2007, and during his time on Castle has gone out of his way to court past/present daytimers to guest-star. To date, those soapy stop-overs have included A Martinez (ex-Cruz, Santa Barbara), Sarah Joy Brown (Agnes, The Bold and the Beautiful), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, The Young and the Restless) and Rick Hearst (Whip, B&B).

Similarly, Castle‘s Seamus Dever (who plays Kevin Ryan) boasts daytime cred, having played General Hospital‘s Dr. Ian Devlin for a stretch in 2008.

Fillion also is always game to plant “Easter eggs” for viewers, such as when he hid a prop from his short-lived Firefly series in one of last season’s scenes.

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Castle‘s soap star-studded mystery is tentatively set to air March 21. Which of ABC Daytime’s finest — from OLTL, GH or AMC — would you like to see get mixed up in the mayhem? And how do you think the primetime drama will allude to Nathan’s time in Llanview?