Exclusive Bones Video: Meet 'Evil, Evil Booth'

This Thursday on Fox’s Bones, a new big bad will rise as one falls.

The January 27 episode of the Fox drama, titled “The Bullet In the Brain,” effectively wraps up the show’s recurring and ghoulish Gravedigger storyline. In doing so, it introduces a similar, sinister element — except whereas the Gravedigger was a horribly misguided version of Brennan, the new villain, a sniper, will exploit an expertise shared by Booth in a very bad way.

“He’s evil, evil Booth,” warns Bones creator Hart Hanson in this exclusive video preview below.

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As Booth struggles with the fact that one of his “own” (played by The Mummy‘s Arnold Vosloo) has gone to the dark side, “We’ll see Booth in a way we’ve never seen him before,” says executive producer Stephen Nathan.

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Watch this first look at the “evil Booth” sniper storyline kicking off Thursday at 9/8c, and get a taste for how (literally) explosive it promises to be.