90210 Spoiler Alert: Navid & Silver Heat Up, Teddy Comes Out, and More!

After a lonnnng winter hiatus, 90210 finally returns to the CW tonight, and things are gonna get crazy quick with two separate but equally juicy storylines a-brewin’…

Silver & Navid | If you thought the heat between these two lifelong friends would fizzle over the holiday hiatus, you thought wrong. “We’re going to come back and cut right into that kiss,” Jessica Stroup tells TVLine of her character’s budding romance. “It’s heating up for Silver and Navid and it is not going to end quickly. This is real.”

OK, we know what you’re thinking: WTF — Navid is still dating Silver’s bestie Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes), right?! He is, but you’ll see tonight that there’s a method to all this sneaking around madness.

“They decide to keep their relationship a secret because Ade’s career is spiraling and she’s losing her mind a little,” Michael Steger explains. “Navid decides to breakup with her, but then her journals are released to TMZ and he realizes she’s devastated. She’s using him as a crutch again, and he’s put in a position between Ade and Silver and trying to be the good guy. Ade and Navid have a strong history, but she’s been so self-absorbed and hasn’t been there for Navid at all.

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy; he’s really being honest with himself for the first time.” And, he laughs, “I really don’t like to call it an affair.”

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Adds Stroup: “Silver likes him and the chemistry is really there for them. She feels bad because her best friend is in love with this guy, but at the same time, her best friend hasn’t been a best friend recently. So I don’t blame Silver for falling for Navid.”

Translation: Get ready for all sorts of covert coupley cuteness between Silver and Navid — for now at least, because the rest of the group will find out and it won’t be pretty (for Ade). But more on that to come.

Teddy &…Himself | Dixon (Tristan Wilds) is now kinda sorta in on the “Teddy is gay” secret, but it’s what happens next that leads Teddy on a journey of self-acceptance and coming out to those who care about him.

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“Dixon approaches Teddy about it and Teddy just begs and pleads with him to keep his secret for awhile — and he does,” reveals Trevor Donovan. “Then Silver happens to find out — and it’s not from Dixon, but a little slip-up on Teddy’s part — and she realizes that he and Ian (Kyle Riabko) are in a relationship. She’s extremely supportive, 100% on board and really coaxes Teddy out of the closet. She lets him know that all his friends still love him, no matter gay or straight.”

“Silver is supportive right off the bat,” Stroup says, “but with the slight hesitation of being the last girl he was with. Of course, she’s accepting of it and happy to be there and happy to help; she loves him.”

And when it all goes down? “Teddy and Ian just walk into a party — where everyone is! — holding hands,” dishes Donovan. “It’s a big, wide-eyed, what-the-heck, but Silver’s there to subdue the situation. It is as comfortable as is possibly can be.”

Don’t expect to see Teddy come out to his friends in tonight’s episode — that happens in a few weeks. Right now he’s just dealing with Dixon’s curiosity and Ian’s persistent need to be a couple in public. (An issue that only gets worse for the doomed twosome.)

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Stick around for lots more 90210 scoop straight from the set in the coming weeks, and don’t miss 90210 tonight at 8/7c on the CW.