Nikita Exclusive: Get Ready to Meet 'Future Alex'!

Think Nikita‘s Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is a badass now? Wait ’til you meet Alex of the future, which you will — and soon. Cue jaw-drop!

Last we tuned in, Alex was grappling with the fact that she’d just killed Thom (Ashton Holmes), her only “friend” at Division. And of course, the first few episodes back will focus on Alex leaving her regular Division duties to become a full-time agent and focus on a her rogue operation with Nikita — but more on all of that closer to next Thursday’s midseason premiere.

For now, here’s an exclusive tease of something big coming up on Nikita — a flashforward, of sorts. Only it’s not at all what you’re thinking. (There’s no Lost-déjà-vu-time-travel happening here!)

When we recently caught up with the lovely Lyndsy, we asked if there are any upcoming action sequences she’s excited about, to which she responded: “You will get a glimpse of what Alex becomes, in a future version of herself. My character specifically; not everyone. We’ll start to get a glimpse of ‘Future Alex,’ if it were to go that way.”

Of course, this piqued our interest. So after doing some digging, here’s what we can reveal: Come four or five episodes into the next batch of Nikitas, we’ll get to see a version of how Alex might end up in the future. We can’t tell you how this comes to be (or who is responsible for it), but something bad happens to Alex which makes the audience privy to her dream-like state where the subconscious ‘Future Alex’ resides. Pretty cool, right?

Don’t miss Nikita‘s triumphant return this Thursday, January 27, at 9/8c on The CW.

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