New Players Complicate Community Triangle!

This much we know about the romantic messiness on NBC’s Community (Thursdays at 8/7c): Joel McHale‘s Jeff famously slept with Britta (during last season’s spectacular bit of paintball warfare), but also made out with Annie.

The latter incident, we realized before the comedy’s holiday break, had quite the impact on Ms. Edison, who during the “Conspiracy Theory” “shoot-out” professed her love for her study group leader. And despite her protestations otherwise, that was not necessarily a heat-of-the-moment piece of acting.

“That was a big reveal about Annie’s feelings,” Alison Brie tells TVLine, “and things don’t clean up neatly on TV. They continue to be a little messy.”

Especially, Brie says, when Rich (played by Greg Cromer) –– the banana costume-wearing pottery whiz-slash-doctor who irked Jeff last spring –- resurfaces this week as a potential romantic interest for Annie.

“Annie has not put aside her feelings for Jeff completely –- they ebb and flow in and out, which is normal when you have a group of friends and two of them make out and two of them have sex!” Brie notes with a laugh. “Things won’t be honky dory.”

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Britta, meanwhile, won’t necessarily be flying solo, seeing as Dollhouse alum Enver Gjokaj is set to pop up on Community as a Balkan buddy of Troy and Abed’s. “Britta may or may not take a shine to him,” Gillian Jacobs teases.

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And Jeff’s take on the Euro hunk entering his onetime lover’s life? “Skepticism, cynicism… ‘skynicism’ –- that’s a word I just made up,” Jacobs answers. “No one’s ever supportive of anything Britta does. She’s always met with scorn and derision!”