Exclusive: Glee Goes (Almost) Full-Frontal

If you thought Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and the rest of the Glee gang  were looking particularly buff at the Golden Globes last weekend, you’re eyes weren’t deceiving you.

A source close to the award-winning smash tells me that the cast spent the two weeks prior working out religiously to prepare for an upcoming episode that calls for the entire New Directions crew to drop trou. And shirt. And, well, everything but their unmentionables!

What the McKinley hell is going on?

Relax, it’s all very innocent. Without giving too much away, the sequence involves Ashley Fink’s Lauren performing her first solo. When stage fright kicks in, she recalls a nerves-calming remedy that Puck once suggested. I think you can fill in the rest by yourselves.

The revealing episode is slated to air in mid-February.

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