Bones Preview: Will Hannah Learning the Truth Set Booth and Brennan Free?

When last we tuned into Fox’s Bones – which now airs Thursdays at 9/8c, after Idol – Brennan, rattled by a case that hit too close to home, put all her cards on the table by asking Booth if it was too late for them to take a chance at romance.

But being the upstanding gent he is, Booth stood by his nascent relationship with newswoman Hannah.

“Of course Booth felt bad – he still thinks about [what almost was], and he has feelings for Brennan,” David Boreanaz tells TVLine, taking us inside his character’s head during that heart-wrenching scene. “But he was in a position where he had to draw a hard line and move on.”

But will Hannah (played by Katheryn Winnick) see things the same rational way when this week she gets wind of just how close the partners in crime-solving have grown over the years?

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“She catches on that there have been feelings between Booth and Brennan – and that Brennan still has feelings currently,” Emily Deschanel tells us. “It creates a whole conflict between Brennan and Hannah. Or does it? It’s interesting, because [the two women] do like each other.”

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Deschanel was mum when we asked for a status report on the duration of Hannah’s stay, but did promise “some changes in the dynamic” between the three parties. (A certain upcoming elevator incident would seem to hurry along such “changes.”)

Perhaps Boreanaz teases it best when he says, “At the end of this season, we’ll see some lines being crossed in the way of maybe bringing [Booth and Brennan] closer together or going back to how they started.”