Top Chef 'Restaurant Wars' Shocker! Tonight's Eliminee Talks Life After Bravo

Holy cheftestant disaster!

One of Top Chef All Stars‘ frontrunners bit the dust hard in tonight’s fan-fave episode, “Restaurant Wars,” and we’re still trying to pick our jaws up off the floor after yet another shocking sendoff on the Bravo hit…

Spoiler Alert! The “Restaurant Wars” axe went to the one and only Marcel Vigneron — pretty crazy, right?!

The controversial “badboy” of Top Chef was sent packing after his team’s pop-up restaurant, Etch, failed to deliever, um, edible cuisine. The decision to cut Marcel wasn’t easy for the judges since everyone involved with Etch messed up pretty monumentally, but unfortunately, he was the leader and took on way more than he could handle.

But more Marcel is on the way! In less than two months, Vigneron’s new series Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen premieres on Syfy and the chef (who is actually a really nice guy — we can vouch for him!) couldn’t be more thrilled.

“The show all about teamwork, creativity, imagination and crazy parties. There’s no competition whatsoever,” he tells us. “It’s a reality-docuseries about me and my friends starting our own catering company and working for some pretty high profile clients, predominantly in LA.

“I’ll hang out with [the client] for a couple of days, get super-inspired, they’ll put me through the old rigmarole and then I create with my team this elaborate menu that’s totally inspired by my experience with the client. We’ll have the ability to transform the entire venue, we’ll execute the dishes…and then the actual party happens, which gets pretty intense.”

Although we chatted with Marcel earlier this week (prior to knowing he’d be heading home in tonight’s episode), he had nothing but nice things to say about the Bravo series that made him a household name.

Laughs Vigneron, “I never even thought I would do Top Chef years ago. To me, it was all about cooking and the food, and to be honest with you, it still is. But it’s cool because I get to do this stuff, too. And I’m not going to trash talk [edits on the show]. I’m always curious to see the way everything comes up — they have a lot of footage, they make a good show and they focus on the drama”

What’d you think about tonight’s Top Chef elimination? Did Marcel deserve to go home? Let us know in the comments!

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