Scoop: Ricky Gervais Reclaims His Office Job!

You know that faceoff between Office managers David Brent and Michael Scott that’s supposedly been in the works for, um, ever? Looks like it’s actually, finally gonna happen!

Sources confirm that Ricky Gervais will reprise his role from the original overseas version of the comedy in the Jan. 27 episode of the U.S. redo. As you’d expect, details are sketchy. But what I’m being told is that Gervais — who not only created the British Office but retains an exec producer title on the American remake — will cross paths (and perhaps swords?) with his Yank counterpart, Steve Carell’s Michael.

You’ll recall that last year Gervais hinted that he might be Dunder-Mifflin-bound this season, then producers denied anything was in the works. (Though the actor-comedian previously wrote an episode of the U.S. Office, this would be his first time appearing on screen.)

The news of Gervais’ guest gig comes just three days after his no-holds-barred stint as host of the Golden Globes drew fire from Hollywood’s thinnest-skinned elite. Thankfully, a backlash to the backlash seems to be kicking in.

Your thoughts?