Sexy Scoop On Tricia Helfer's No Ordinary Role

Following in the footsteps of Lost‘s lovely Rebecca Mader, Tricia Helfer is the latest beauty to book a role on ABC’s No Ordinary Family (airing Tuesdays at 8/7c). Yet outside of a few teases, Helfer is revealing zip about her character.

“Looking forward to playing a goodie… wait, baddie… s–t what am I?” the Battlestar Galactica vet shared on Twitter.

Well, this is what TVLine has since ascertained: Helfer will appear in at last one episode as “a sexy and mysterious woman” who, like the Powells, may possess some special powers of her own.

Exclusive: No Ordinary Family Regular In for a Big Surprise

Helfer’s NOF debut is set for the freshman series’ 17th episode, which was penned by Ali Adler — the same scribe who gave life to Helfer’s Chuck character, CIA agent Alex Forrest, in March 2009.

Eliminating any powers that have already been covered by the ABC action-drama (e.g. speed, mind-reading, strength, manipulating fire), what intimidating ability do you think Helfer’s mystery minx will point at the Powells?