Modern Family Star Feels 'A Little Guilty' About On-Screen Sexcapade

If you have somehow missed all the promos and wish to protect your virgin ears and eyes from the plot-starting twist for this Wednesday’s Modern Family (ABC, 9/8c), stop reading now.

But if you’ve already caught wind of what’s coming and want to know why one of the hit comedy’s stars feels a bit guilty about it, forge on ahead.

Simply said, this week’s Family visit starts off with Dunphy kids Haley, Alex and Luke (played by Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould) treating the ‘rents to breakfast in bed. The surprise is on the young’uns, however, when they unwittingly barge in on Phil and Claire… well, doing what parents do behind closed doors, especially on the morning of their wedding anniversary.

Not only is Claire embarrassed by the overexposure, so was her portrayer, Julie Bowen.

“Sarah (age 20) is not a kid, but Ariel (13) and Nolan (12) are,” Bowen notes, “so I felt a little guilty.”

Bowen points out that while both she and TV hubby Ty Burrell had on “nude suits” beneath the quickly-gathered bed sheets, their characters “were not having straight-up missionary relations.”

As such, “I said to Ty, ‘I think we might be introducing something new'” to the younger of their on-camera kin.

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