Life Unexpected Boss Promises 'Totally Happy Ending' to Tonight's Finale

Sigh. The day I’ve been dreading has arrived. But as much as it pains me to mutter the words “Life Unexpected finale” in the same sentence, the scoopage must go on.

So, Miss Liz Tigelaar, the loveliest showrunner in town, is here to chat all about tonight’s LUX sendoff, including a happy ending pinky-promise (yay!) and a Cate-Baze sendoff so sweet you can’t miss it (even bigger yay!)…

TVLINE | We’re sad about tonight’s Life Unexpected finale. How are you holding up?
Tigelaar: We’re bummed, but everyone is handling it well and moving on. We’re excited to get together to watch it. And we’ve all seen each other a lot. Britt [Robertson] was doing ADR recently and hung out with Shiri [Appleby]. Everyone was at the hospital when Kris [Polaha] and [his wife] Julianne Morris had their baby. Shiri and Emma [Caulfield] and I still hang out — we’re all still around. We’re trying to find Kerr [Smith], but he’s lost in Park City somewhere skiing. Everyone will stay close, but it’s not the same as working together.

TVLINE | What can fans expect from tonight’s finale?
Tigelaar: Anytime we’re getting into a later part of the season, it’s always ramping up to so much drama–everything’s coming to a head. So with the last two episodes any secrets that we have will be revealed, people will find out the truth about everything and a lot of things happen the really change the course of their lives. People are going to be really satisfied with the end. It certainly highlights that we were shut down early in terms of what we could have done with the show, but at the same time, I haven’t had anyone’s who has seen the finale have a response that’s not totally satisfied.

TVLINE | Give us a little breakdown of how tonight’s two-hour event is laid out.
Tigelaar: These episodes were never a two-parter. The finale, episode 13, was really setup to launch us into the back nine, but we ended up having to wrap it up in a different way. We didn’t completely alter 13, but the whole episode doesn’t feel happy; there’s humor, there’s major drama, the sh-t hits the fan in act four, everyone’s guts are on the table. The performances are really raw and emotional honest, and in the final, final, final moments of the show, it’s just happy and uplifting and emotional — I could cry just talking about it.

TVLINE | Were you able to wrap up each character’s storyline as well as you’d have liked to, had you been given more time?
Tigelaar: We definitely focus on the bigger characters, but if you go through every character on our show, everybody has their win and their victory and gets to where their character needed to be, even if it’s just in a subtle way. The finale really builds on the promise of the pilot, that this is a coming of age story for these adults and by the end, they’ve grown; they’ve become the grownups they needed to be.

TVLINE | Is it safe to say that LUX wraps up with a happy ending?
Tigelaar: It’s a totally happy ending. You’ll cry because you’re happy — there is no sad ending.

TVLINE | And finally, any parting words for Cate-Baze devotees? Hopes are high for these two!
There’s obviously so much more we would have wanted to do with Cate and Baze and so many more places we would want to get to. But if you’re a Cate and Baze fan, there’s no way you won’t be happy in the end.

On that squeeful note…don’t miss the two-hour Life Unexpected finale tonight at 8pm on the CW.

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