Exclusive First Look: Fringe's New Billboard!

In a major blow to the argument that Fox is banishing Fringe to Fridays to die, a new piece of evidence has emerged that strongly suggests the network very much wants the show to succeed in its new, challenging time slot: A fancy outdoor advertising campaign touting the show’s new Friday perch!

Fringe on Fridays Will Be a “Fringe Unhinged,” Says J.J. Abrams

Last week at the Television Critics Assoc. Press Tour, Fox president Kevin Reilly urged reporters not to declare Fringe dead and buried. “I beg you not to write the eulogy prematurely,” he pleaded. “It’s a show we’re very passionate about. I want the audience to transfer to Friday. I would be heartbroken if it went away. But if the fans stick with us the show could be on the air for many years.”

Will you be following the Fringe team when they relocate “over there” later this week? And reaction to the cool new billboard? Sound off below!

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