Lie To Me Star: There's 'Truth' Within Cal and Gillian's Teasing

Last week, in the middle of an otherwise entertaining episode of Fox’s Lie To Me (Mondays at 9/8c), a provocative exchange took place as Cal and Gillian discussed a divorce case.

I couldn’t even get near you when you were on the rebound.

Maybe you didn’t try hard enough.


Are you saying that I had a chance?

To say that the flirty overtones launched fans into a tizzy is putting it mildly. Even series star Kelli Williams got a kick out of it.

“I know!” the actress remarked to TVLine when we inquired about the exchange. “We do enjoy teasing each other that way.”

Well yes, but is it simply teasing? Or might Gillian have blurted out a bit of truth as to how she kept Cal (played by Tim Roth) at arm’s length after the end of her last relationship?

“Possibly…,” Williams allows with a big smile. “I think they joke around a lot, and yet there’s truth within those jokes.”

Williams said that the delicious dialogue “might” be planting a seed for the future, but as with many an actor deposited into one of TV’s “Will They?/Won’t They?” dynamics, she questions the long-term entertainment value of happily ever after.

“Let’s say they do love each other, and that comes to fruition. Well, then what?” she asks. “Then they have a regular relationship? Do we watch television for regular relationships?”

Whatever the writers’ agenda is, Williams knows one thing for sure: “It’s certainly fun to play those scenes with Tim!”

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